Canoeing The Whanganui River


From the slopes of Mt.Tongariro, the Whanganui River meanders its way to the Tasman Sea through one of New Zealand's most unique National Parks. There are only a few places left in the world, you can go today,where there are no phones, no television and very few other people.



The Whanganui River is such a place, where for a few days you can be isolated from the outside world and enjoy some peace and tranquility.As you jorney down the Whanganui catching glimpses of native birds in the tree tops, you can't hlep but become a part of the magic that surrounds this great river.



Each night you stop at one of many campsites or huts along the way, and as you lie there in your sleeping bag after a pleasant evening of hearty food and fellowship, you can hear the haunting call of a Morepork and quite possibly the elusive Kiwi.


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